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Your 2022 Election Guide for the Bay Area

Your 2022 Election Guide for the Bay Area

The Bay Observer does not typically endorse political parties or candidates. We believe it is the voter’s responsibility to research the candidates and make their own judgement. To assist in that endeavor, we are providing a list of every candidate whose name is on a ballot in Hamilton and Burlington. In every case we have provided a link to either the candidate’s personal website, or the party website. Where such information is not available, we have provided a link to a social media page or a news article. You can also Google the individual party websites to get a more detailed look at their platforms.

PC Party




Ontario Party

New Blue Party

Communist Party

Flamborough Glanbrook

NDP: Allison Cillis

Ontario Party: Walt Juchniewicz

Populist Ontario: Nikita Mahood

Green Party: Mario Portak

New Blue: Paul Simoes

PC Party: Donna Skelly

Liberals: Melisse Williams

Hamilton Centre

PC Party: Sarah Bokhari

Communist: Nigel Cheriyan

New Blue: John Chroust

Green Party: Sandy Crawley

Liberals: Ekaterini Dimakis

NDP: Andrea Horwath

Ontario Party: Brad Peace

Independent: Nathalie Xian Yi

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek

NDP: Zaigham Butt

Ontario Party: Domenic Diluca

Liberals: Jason Farr

PC Party: Neil Lumsden

Ind: Paul Miller

Electoral Reform Party: Cameron Rajewski

New Blue: Jeffery Raulino

Green Party: Cassie Wylie

Hamilton Mountain

Ontario Party: Andy Busa

Green Party: Janet Errygers

Liberals: Chantale LaChance

New Blue: Baylee Nguyen

PC Party: Mike Spadafora

NDP: Monique Taylor

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas

PC Party: Fred Bennink

Green Party: Syam Chandra

Liberals: Shubha Sandill

NDP: Sandy Shaw

Ontario Party: Frank Thiessen

New Blue: Lee Weiss


Ontario Party: Sebastian Aldea

NDP: Andrew Drummond

Green Party: Kyle Hutton

Liberals: Mariam Manaa

New Blue: Allison McKenzie

PC Party: Natalie Pierre

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