Saturday , 3 June 2023
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With friends like these…

Donald Trump signaled Wednesday that he’s prepared to support easing travel restrictions along the Canada-U.S. border sooner rather than later. Canada is “doing well” in its efforts to control the spread of the virus, Trump said during his daily media briefing at the White House. “Canada’s doing well, we’re doing well — so we’ll see.”

Actually, No Donald. Arguably Canada is doing well, since our total number of cases and deaths is below where forecasters thought it would be at this point but the US is doing horribly, under the direction of Trump, son-in-law Jared Kushner and Sycophant-in-chief Mike Pence.

If you look at the latest numbers, Canada has 29,000 cases of COVID and 1048 deaths. The US on the other hand has 644,000 cases and nearly 29000 deaths. Factoring in the population difference, the US has more than twice as many cases per capita than Canada and almost triple the number of deaths—again on a per capita basis.

So no thanks, Donald, we will muddle along somehow.

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