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When will homes be built on Pier 8?

When will homes be built on Pier 8?

If approved by city council look for temporary parking lots and an 1,800 square metre temporary path to be built at Pier 8 at the West Harbour, but if you’re looking to move there-right now it’s a field of dreams.

A billboard on the city owned property promoting Pier 8 Living, is the only sign of a proposed residential development.

 Next week the West Harbour Development Subcommittee will consider a list of temporary projects and future construction projects on the water’s edge, but there is no mention of a construction start for 1500 residential units that have been on the books for the last five years.

 Visitors to the newly opened Copps Pier park, and  to the massive fireworks display on July 1 will have noted progress and stagnation at the waterfront.

To get to the water’s edge Copps Pier park, visitors pass by parcels of weed covered land, and occasional deposits of household garbage and tires, framed by orange construction fencing. This is the area where the 1500 townhomes and perhaps even a 45 story hi-rise are slated to be built  by the Waterfront Shores Corporation.

 But for now city staff are reccomending an 1,800 square metre multi-use path be built through the construction site so that pedestrians, and cyclists can “navigate the site safely.”

Waterfront Shores rendering of development on Pier 8. PHOTO:KATHY RENWALD

 The Pier 8 residential village plan by Waterfront Shores Corporation was approved by council in 2017. When the Bay Observer contacted Cityzen Group,one of the development partners this week, and asked when a sales centre would open and sales launch would start, a spokesperson said there is no date set for either, but “it would be in 2023.

 Bruce Kuwabara lead architect on the design told Bay Observer five years ago, he thought construction of the village would be phased over eight years.

 The city has not responded to questions from Bay Observer about when construction might start, or if any parcels of the city owned land have been sold to WSC. In the meantime staff are telling councillors that public safety, maintenance and beautification of vacant Pier 8 land must be a priority.

 After a review of the helter skelter parking lots near Williams Cafe, the Discovery Centre and Copps Pier, a staff report is also reccomeneding construction of a temporary asphalt parking pad to accommodate 168 new parking spots. The existing lots which have uneven grades are giving visitors an “unsighlty and unsafe impression,” the report says.

New buildings proposed for Piers 5-7

 Looking further into the future expect to see more about construction of an artisan market building and pavillion on the Piers 5-7 lands. These were features of a 2010 recreation master plan created by Hamilton Waterfront Trust. Now 13 years later the city may contemplate a design competition for these buildings, but a staff report on the concept is not expected until the end of 2023.

 It’s a jam packed agenda for the West Harbour Development Subcommittee meeting July 19. Councillors on the committee will note some of these proposals are funded but others are not.

A billboard is the only hint at future residential development at Pier 8 on Hamilton West Harbour. Copps Pier park. PHOTO:KATHY RENWALD

 An undertone to the status report on the West Harbour indicates that the city now has a shiny, new water’s edge park, but to get to it requires a slog through an unsightly construction zone with unmaintained areas that should they be on private property would get a regular citizen an ”order to comply.” for cleanup.

  Without any information flowing from the city, one can only speculate that residential occupation of Pier 8 is years away.

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