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Wellness check turns fatal for indigenous woman in NB

Wellness check turns fatal for indigenous woman in NB

Twenty-six year old Chantel Moore, an indigenous woman, was killed in an encounter with police in Edmundston New Brunswick yesterday. The woman was shot during a wellness check by police.

Family of Chantel Moore say she had recently moved east from British Columbia to live near her mother and daughter.

The Edmundston Police Force says an officer went to a downtown apartment building prompted by a call around 2:30 a.m. AT to perform a wellness check. Edmundston Police Force Insp. Steve Robinson told reporters , “the officer went on scene, and all of a sudden the person just exited the apartment with a knife and was attacking the officer,” Robinson told reporters Thursday. “He had no choice but to defend himself.”

Nora Martin, Moore’s great-aunt, told CBC News that a former boyfriend of Moore who lives in Toronto had asked police to check on her. Martin said he was concerned because she had been harassed after moving to a new apartment in the city.

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