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Burlington’s Ward One City Councillor came face-to-face this week with re-election reality. Incumbent Kelvin Galbraith was hosting a small public information session when a man confronted him about his record.

The man, who did not identify himself, told the Councillor he had an election related question. He then asked what new projects or programs Galbraith had initiated himself other than his routine Council duties.

The Councillor did not answer the question. Instead, Galbraith said his public meeting was for community information purposes, not political purposes.

The man with the question did not pursue it.

After the meeting, Galbraith told a reporter he was just trying to be fair.

“I did not want to make this ward meeting about the election at all. I don’t think that’s fair. This is my first time up for re-election so I’m trying not to cross the boundary of having the job and going for the job again. It’s a very odd place to be. I’m really trying not to cross that boundary. I’m trying to be very cautious”.

With regard to the question itself, Galbraith said he has initiated behind the scenes action on citizens’ requests for several park renewals and new park structures. He said he is having ongoing discussions with Parks and Recreation staff about new pickle ball, ball hockey and other sports facilities in Ward One.

“A lot of these things are kind of behind the scenes that I don’t really advertise until they get some traction. I don’t want to get the community excited about them if there’s no hope, but they are things that I have been working on in the background”.

The Councillor added that he has fought hard to convince his Council colleagues that it’s not all about the downtown. He claims to have struggled to convince other members of Council to support Ward One issues such as the Tyandaga Golf Course, the Aldershot MTSA and the local Marina, all of which were regular agenda items at City Hall.

Galbraith is being challenged for the Ward One seat on City Council by Robert Radway.

Robert Radway

The election is October 24.

Story By Rick Craven

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