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Vaccination clinics will be set up in elementary schools

Vaccination clinics will be set up in elementary schools

Education Minister Stephen Lecce was at pains to Lecce to assure parents that Ontario schools will be safe for reopening next Monday. It appears the more effective M95 masks are either shipped or are on their way to schools. It appears that there will be enough Rapid Antigen tests for kids to take home, but maybe not on day one for all kids. It looks like pretty much every school in Ontario has already received improved ventilation, but there are still millions of dollars in reserve for any school that still needs a HEPA filter. One thing that hasn’t happened in the two weeks that schools were closed is a breakthrough in vaccinations for the 5-11 year old population. There are still more than 50 percent of that age group not vaccinated and the percentage of kids getting vaccinated has only been increasing by about one percent per day.

Despite the gaps Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore who attended todays news conference with the Education Minister says the danger of a major breakout is small.

One new piece of news is that vaccine clinics are going to be set up in the schools much as was done with the rollout of the polio vaccine during the 1950’s. It removes the need for parents to book a shot for their child outside of school and work hours. Parental permission will still be required to obtain a shot in school. Dr. Moore was asked why the COVID shot hasn’t been mandated for children 5-11 as other childhood disease vaccines have been.

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