Sunday , 29 January 2023
Home News Trump pulls plug on WHO. Slams China over Hong Kong

Trump pulls plug on WHO. Slams China over Hong Kong

In an angry press briefing, President Trump has announced the United States is pulling out of the World Health Organization and directing its payments to other public health organizations. “America provides $400 to $500 million to the WHO annually,” the president said. Trump added China contributes roughly $40 million to the organization per year and yet controls WHO. But Trump says the U.S. will continue to engage with the organization in pursuit of what he calls meaningful reforms.” Trump also announced that the United States now deems Hong Kong to be completely under Chinese control, and will now lose various trade concessions that the US had extended to Hong Kong as an independent entity.

The president says the world depends on the World Health Organization to work with countries to make sure accurate information about health threats are shared in a timely manner. Trump claims the organization failed to carry out its “basic duty” and must be held accountable.

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