Tuesday , 7 February 2023
Home Politics Trudeau will host premiers for health care funding summit

Trudeau will host premiers for health care funding summit

As the Federal cabinet retreat in Hamilton wound down, Prime Minister Trudeau announced  that there will be a federal-provincial first ministers conference to discuss increased federal funding to health care. Speaking at McMaster and flanked by his cabinet, the Prime Minister made it clear there will be more federal money, but there has to be some performance metrics attached to the funding formula.

The Prime Minister took a few questions in a one-question-no-follow-up format. He repeated an answer he gave reporters yesterday about two of his cabinet ministers spending a combined $106,000 purchasing PR advice from Munch More Media, a PR firm that specializes in food industry public relations. The firm is owned by the sister of the policy director for one of the ministers, Ahmed Hussen. Saying ministers should follow the rules, the PM added that he also puts a priority on his ministers “put a priority on connecting and communicating with Canadians.”

He gave no indication whether or if Canada will follow the lead of other NATO nations about sending tanks to the Ukraine, saying the government is in touch with Ukrainian leadership. To a question from a CHCH reporter about whether he was prepared to meet with Hamiltonians experiencing poverty, Trudeau said he has met with many Hamiltonians in his past visits here, and went on to talk about creating good jobs.

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