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Trudeau squelches rumors he is dumping Morneau

Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement of support for his Finance Minister Bill Morneau after the Globe and Mail ran a story suggesting Morneau might be replaced by Mark Carney the Former Bank of Canada and Bank of England Governor. Earlier yesterday it had been reported that Carney was acting as an unofficial adviser to the Prime Minister.

The statement from Trudeau’s press secretary Alex Wellstead appeared to put the rumor about Morneau to rest. “Of course the prime minister has full confidence in Minister Morneau and any statement to the contrary is false. The prime minister knows that Minister Morneau and the entire team of cabinet ministers will keep doing the work that Canadians rely on to get them through this pandemic.”

In addition to crediting Morneau with a central role in many of the economic achievements of the Liberals first term in power, the statement said he has been a point person in the pandemic response.

“Minister Morneau played the lead role in the creation of the CERB, the wage subsidy, and many other measures to support Canadians and businesses during these difficult times, and he is continuing this important work.”

Carney had been wooed by Liberal insiders to lead the party after the Dionne and Ignatieff leaderships had fizzled as an alternative to Trudeau. But at the time Carney said he had done noting to encourage the leadership offer and shortly afterwards accepted the Bank of England job.

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