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Troubled Ottawa LRT could face two probes

Troubled Ottawa LRT could face two probes

Coming on the heels of an announcement that Ontario will conduct an investigation into Ottawa’s troubled LRT , now Ottawa’s auditor general will apparently conduct a review of her own.

It has been a rough past few months for Ottawa LRT, with equipment failures and derailments. As a result Ottawa Council asked  auditor general Nathalie Gougeon to investigate the original procurement of the Confederation Line in October before the province stepped in to announce its own public inquiry last month.

City Manager Steve Kanellakos said that since the Mulroney announcement, “I have no idea what their scope and terms of reference are going to be.”

“Crickets. We haven’t heard anything,” he told reporters Friday.

For her part Gougeon noted, ““We want to ensure that we aren’t duplicating work,” she said during Friday’s audit committee meeting.

To begin, the AG’s audit will look at the effectiveness of LRT operations, but that could be expanded based on where the province decides to take its own investigation.

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