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Off-duty Toronto Cop guilty of assault

Off-duty Toronto Cop guilty of assault

Toronto police officer Michael Theriault  has been found guilty of assault in the beating of Dafante Miller-a beating that left Miller blind in one eye, The judge found Theriault’s bother Christian not guilty, although he indicated that a statement Christian made to police two weeks after the incident was probably deliberately false in some details but did not rise to obstruction of justice. Judge Joseph Di Luca said he generally believed that Miller was engaging in theft from a Theriault car when the Theriault’s accosted him. He said some of the initial assaults could be argued as self defense but once it was clear Miller was fleeing and even trying to summon police, that Michael Theriault’s subsequent use of a pipe to bash Miller was not justified.

Dafante Miller lost an eye in the beating CBC photo
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