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Times are tough: all Federal parties applying for wage subsidy

Times are tough: all Federal parties applying for wage subsidy

The New Democratic Party which has traditionally been supported by public sector workers who have largely been unaffected by the COVID pandemic has joined a growing list of organizations looking for federal wage support. Now it has been reported that the Liberals and Conservatives are following suit.

The parties will submit an application to the Canada emergency wage subsidy program as political donations to all parties have dried up.

The NDP employs 17 full-time staff with another 15 to 20 working part-time.

“We think it’s really important to stay active and functioning. To do that includes paying the bills and paying our workers,” NDP national director Anne McGrath said.

Spokespeople for the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party of Canada, the Green Party and the New Democratic Party told CBC News that they all have applied to the Canada emergency wage subsidy program to help them cover their employees’ salaries as political donations dry up.

The NDP made its application for government money public today, while the Liberal and Conservative parties acknowledged to CBC they were receiving the subsidy when asked to comment on the NDP’s request for support payments.

The Liberal and Conservative parties said they’re receiving the subsidy already, while the NDP submitted its paperwork today. The Bloc Québécois tells Radio-Canada it will not be applying for the subsidy.

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