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Tiffany Falls and Devil’s Punchbowl reopen July 15

As of July 15, HCA waterfall areas, with the exception of Spencer Gorge, will reopen to the public. The areas reopening on July 15 include:

 Tiffany Falls

 Devil’s Punchbowl

 Borer’s Falls

 Felker’s Falls

Visitors are asked to consider planning their trip on off-peak times such as early in the morning or on weekdays. If parking lots are full, do not park on municipal roadways. Please return another time. All visitors must follow emergency measures and guidelines to allow these areas to remain open safely. Such measures will be posted onsite and include:

• Practice physical distancing by staying 2 metres (6 feet) apart from other users.

• Do not gather or arrange to meet friends or other groups.

• Pets must be leashed at all times.

• Pack out what you pack in.

Trail etiquette is always important, and responsible public use will allow us to safely operate these areas. Spencer Gorge and its associated areas will be reopening at a later date, planned for September. A reservation system and trail loop will be in place before the areas open to the public.

The areas that will remain closed include:

 Dundas Peak

 Spencer Gorge

 Tew Falls

 Webster Falls

 Crooks Hollow

 Spencer Adventure Trail

Members of the public are not permitted on any of these areas or trails and those who access these properties are trespassing. Municipal Parking Bylaw Enforcement staff will be patrolling to enforce parking restrictions and trespassers may be fined. Parking tickets in Special Enforcement Areas carry a $250 fine. Parking violations can be reported by calling 905-540-6000. Trespassers can be reported to municipal law enforcement through the Hamilton Police Services’ non-emergency line at 905-546-4925 or the City of Hamilton at 905-546-2424.

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