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They’re off! Just 29 days until Ontario residents vote

They’re off! Just 29 days until Ontario residents vote

The race is on in Ontario with Premier Doug Ford paying the required call on Lieutenant-Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell to ask for a dissolution of the Legislature. This year’s election campaign will be exactly 29 days long as it is set set to officially start Wednesday, although there has been unofficial campaigning for weeks.

“This election is about one simple thing,” Ford said. “Either the people of this province are going to choose to go backwards … or they’re going to choose prosperity, getting things built, bridges roads and highways like we’re doing.”

Polls at this point suggest Ford’s Progressive Conservatives will be the party to win the most seats, but that won’t mean much if Ford is denied a second majority, as the Liberals and NDP could form a coalition as was done in Ontario in the mid 1980’s.

Although she is showing in third place in most recent polls, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says her party still is the best bet to unseat Ford..

Stephen Del Duca has spent most of his time since he became leader of the Liberals, paying down the party debt and organizing at the grass roots. He has released some videos aimed at trying to make him better known to Ontario voters.

There is speculation Del Duca may kick off his campaign in Hamilton-East Stoney Creek where his standard-bearer is Hamilton Councillor Jason Farr. However, Hamilton is not totally friendly territory for the Liberal Leader. The Labourers International Union of North America have taken to social media with messages critical of Del Duca, who enraged LIUNA when he made changes to the Labour Code that disaffected LIUNA. The union’s leader Joe Mancinelli is openly campaigning for Ford, saying the premier did more for construction in his 4 years than the Liberals did in their 13 -year run.

In an effort to increase voter turnout, Elections Ontario has increased the number of advanced polling days and made it easier to vote by mail

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