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Home Health “They don’t want us…” American news media coverage of border closure

“They don’t want us…” American news media coverage of border closure

The US media is beginning to cover the fact that Canada is doing a better job of containing the COVID virus that south off the border. CNN is reporting that Canada will keep the border closed to al;l but essential US traffic until late August.

Truck drivers, health care workers, flight crews and others, including most recently sports professionals, are currently exempt from Canada’s mandatory 14-day quarantine.

CNN acknowledged that  a large majority of Canadians say the US-Canada border should remain closed for the foreseeable future. The US has 3.37 million confirmed cases and more than 135,000 deaths as of Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University, which reported that Canada has 110,058 cases and 8,836 deaths.

According to a CNN analysis, the US currently has the highest per capita death rate from Covid in the Americas, at over 41 coronavirus deaths per 100,000 population. Canada’s death rate is about 23.5 per 100,00, the analysis found.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford echoed Canadians’ apprehension to a border reopening Monday as he conceded the spike in cases in the US was a worrying development.

“I see these numbers from Florida and they’re staggering, 15,000 people who contracted Covid in a day, that is scary,” Ford said during a Monday press conference. “But we’re being pretty vigilant we aren’t rushing into anything; we’re opening up slowly.”

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