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Opinion: They also serve—the knights of the load

With the overwhelming show of support for Hamilton’s snow plow fleet as evidenced by the more than 20,000 responses to the name-the-snowplow contest, it’s time for some consideration for the city service that is perhaps closest to the population–the garbage crews.

Week in and week out they collect our uneaten food, soiled diapers, cat litter, beer cans, cardboard packaging, other unmentionables and the Styrofoam that can’t go in the blue box but can be safely hidden in a garbage bag that goes into landfill and will remain there for centuries.

This year they didn’t even get a day off in lieu of Christmas and New Year because both holidays fell on a Sunday. These folks don’t get to whine about having to show up for work in person like many of their city colleagues–it’s part of the job. It’s called public facing.

After their shift some of the crews gather in orderly fashion at a mountain plaza parking lot for a well-deserved few minutes to break bread.

We salute them.

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