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The Buns blinked: Major breakthrough on the hot dog-bun imbalance

The Buns blinked: Major breakthrough on the hot dog-bun imbalance

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to figure out why hot dogs came in packs of 10 while hot dog buns came in packs of eight. The only way it would come out even would be if you bought three packs of wieners and four packs of buns.

Just in time for summer comes the good news the problem has finally been solved and the dog/bun parity has finally been achieved.

Heinz ketchup and Wonder Bred have partnered to broker a deal in which buns finally come in packs of 10, thus ending this discord once and for all.

The breakthrough came after 33,000 fans — signed a to level the playing field and offer up equal amounts of dogs to buns.

Starting June 23, you’ll be able to find the new, limited edition 10-packs of buns from Wonder at select Ontario grocery stores.

Said  Kelly Backer, of Wonderbrands, in a media release. “With many of our fans speaking up about this issue, we saw this as an opportunity for Wonder to partner with our friends at Heinz and finally give hot dog fans what they’ve longed  for.”

“Heinz has brought hot dogs and buns together for more than a century, so we felt like it was our duty … to rally our passionate fans and champion change for the age-old issue of unequal buns and wieners packs,” added Nina Patel, for Kraft Heinz Co., in the release. “Today marks a monumental day for hot dog fans and we’re thrilled to announce that Heinz has done it. We brokered a partnership with Wonder to finally create buns in packs of 10.”

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