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Terryberry Library to close for renovations

Terryberry Library to close for renovations

The Terryberry Library will be closed to the public for 2-3 months starting April 4, as renovations will be taking place at the West 5th and Mohawk location.

Terryberry Library, at West 5th and Mohawk Road, serving the centre mountain since 1970, will have its first major renovation since 2012 as the roof and second floor windows will be replaced, and its HVAC units receiving an overhaul.

The project is anticipated to take 2-3 months to complete. The last day Terryberry will be open to the public is Sunday, April 2nd.

Over the past few weeks, library staff have communicated to branch members of the approaching temporary closure. Library members are encouraged to visit the 3 closest branches; Concession, Ancaster or Turner Park, or any of the other wonderful public library branches across the city for any library needs.

Vintage Hamilton explains the name Terryberry. The Terryberry Branch was built on land once owned by William Terryberry and his wife Anne Young who came to Upper Canada circa 1806. Prior to the War of 1812, William Terryberry owned an inn which was a popular stopover for travelers making the trip from Niagara to Ancaster. The third branch to open on the mountain in January 1970, the Terryberry Library was renovated in 1990-91 to include a second floor. This provided expanded collection space as well as expanded and improved reading and study space.Terryberry was an anglicization of the original German name Durenburger.

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