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Teacher’s giant breasts mostly reserved for the classroom: NY Post Exclusive

NY paper finds Kayla Lemieux frequently dresses as male

There’s more unwanted international news attention for the Halton District School Board. The New York Post has run an exclusive story and photo layout showing the Halton High School teacher who has been dressing as a woman and wearing giant prosthetic breasts in class,

frequently appears outside the class in male garb. The post story says Kayla Lemeiux “rarely wears them outside of school — raising questions about whether the vulgar costume is just an act.”

The Post quotes a neighbour who lives in the same apartment complex as Lemieux as saying, “he wears prosthetic breasts extremely infrequently…he puts the breasts on to teach, occasionally when he goes for a walk or when the cops visit.”

The reference to police is in connection with wellness checks police have been conducting following death threats against the Halton teacher.

The question of imposing a dress code for Halton teachers was raised at a raucous meeting of the Halton District School Board last week when dozens of parents showed up to demand such a policy. The Board already has a dress code policy for students and parents are demanding that it be extended to teachers as well.

The full story and pictures can be accessed here.


  • “The New York Post (NY Post) is a daily tabloid newspaper published in New York City.” and “The Post has been criticized since the beginning of Murdoch’s ownership for sensationalism, blatant advocacy, and conservative bias. In 1980, the Columbia Journalism Review stated that the “New York Post is no longer merely a journalistic problem. It is a social problem—a force for evil.” and “In a 2004 survey conducted by Pace University, the Post was rated the least-credible major news outlet in New York, and the only news outlet to receive more responses calling it “not credible” than credible (44% not credible to 39% credible). and “The Post commonly publishes news reports based entirely on reporting from other sources without independent corroboration.”

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