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Takes over planning in Burlington

Takes over planning in Burlington

Brynn Nheiley has been announced as Executive Director of Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility

Nheiley has nearly seven years of public sector experience, including three years at the City of Burlington as the Manager of Development & Design in the Community Planning Department.

As the Manager of Development & Design, Nheiley  headed  a number of initiatives that have led to improvements in development planning that support better outcomes for Council, residents and staff; these include:

•             Establishing a two-stage reporting strategy in order to provide Council with the opportunity to make a decision on an application within the legislated timeline, while also enabling the flexibility for staff to work with applicants to create the best planning outcome for development applications.

•             Bringing together staff from key departments to collaboratively build a development review process that gives applicants a single point of contact, and single application to satisfy multiple pre-approvals, from multiple departments, which are required before a building permit can be applied for.

•             Bringing together a management team that included staff from building, planning, forestry, site engineering and Information Technology Services departments in order to launch an entirely digital review process for all forms of development applications. The result was that the City’s development review process was delayed by less than two months from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prior to working at the City of Burlington, Brynn worked for the Hamilton as a Senior Planner and as the Acting Director of Planning and Building Services for the Town of Antigonish in Nova Scotia.  Brynn has a Masters of Planning from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Architectural Science from Ryerson University. 

Commenting on the appointment, City Manager Tim Commisso said “Brynn was chosen as the successful candidate after competing in a significant recruitment process, demonstrating she has the skills to take on this new leadership role. I believe her success in this recruitment reflects well on the quality of staff the City has; staff who are ready to take on larger leadership roles to meet the City’s goals.” 

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