Tuesday , 6 December 2022
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St Joe’s continues to return to normal

Effective September 8, St. Joe’s will be returning to standard learner practices. That means that the regular flow of learner placements will be...


Self-made leader Winnie Doyle retiring from St. Joe’s

After guiding St Josephs healthcare through an unprecedented pandemic, Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer & Chief Nursing Executive Winnie Doyle is retiring....


St Joe’s has zero COVID patients

Melissa Farrell, President of St. Joseph’s Healthcare has announced that as of today the hospital currently has no COVID patients. In a statement...


More funding needed for mental health crisis calls

Melissa Farrell, President of St. Joseph’s healthcare has issued a statement regarding mental health crisis calls, pointing out that Hamilton has been a...


St Jos will create up to 200 Covid beds

By shuffling beds and an aggressive curtailment of elective procedures, St Joseph’s hospital expects to be able to create up to 200 beds...