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The legal team at Scarfone Hawkins answers your questions related to COVID

Q: With the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 on the horizon, how do I maintain shared custody and parenting of my...

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No, Really, Make the Offer Jennifer Vrancic, Scarfone Hawkins Law

My clients are generally not very happy when they come to see me.  Maybe someone has screwed them over and now they want...

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Medical Malpractice: Do I Have a Case? by Lauren Grimaldi, Scarfone Hawkins Law

Some of the most common calls that we receive from potential new personal injury clients are inquiries about medical malpractice cases. Themes involve:...

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Buyer beware by Melissa Roque, Scarfone Hawkins Law

The common Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor”, meaning “let the buyer beware” has a harsh reality in real estate law. As I often describe...

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Say anything you want online…NOT by Zachary Pringle, Scarfone Hawkins Law

Do you remember that time when you fought with your neighbour about their dog’s unscrupulous meandering through your back yard? Then, in a...

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It’s autumn. Or for those in northern Ontario and Manitoba…Winter is coming. Paul Ingrassia, Scarfone Hawkins Law

The season change marks a sports fan’s dream.  October baseball, the start of the NHL, NFL and NBA seasons, the latter witnessing the...

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Start-up Counselling: Getting into (and out of) Bed with a Business Partner By Patrick Mc Ilhone, Scarfone Hawkins Law

Like newfound love, it causes the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, the glorious feeling of finding someone who shares your life passion,...

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Modern commerce involves personal information. Customer transactions with your company are no longer centered on a simple exchange of money for goods and...