Monday , 27 March 2023



Starving US postal service to thwart mail-in voting?

CNN reports that Former President Barack Obama took on President Donald Trump’s attempts to stall funding for the United States Postal Service in...


Obama swipes at Trump at Lewis funeral

In a strong indication that former President Barack Obama will take off the gloves in an attempt to unseat Donald Trump he made...


Centennial of Negro baseball leagues

Former President Barack Obama salutes the Negro baseball league which was launched 100 years ago.At one time drawing huge crowds, the league continued...


New hard-hitting political ad released

The anti Trump website Meidas Touch has released a new ad juxtaposing clips from Barack Obama and Donald Trump.


Obama weighs in on protests

Former President Barack Obama has posted a message calling for an end to the violence, vandalism and looting that have spread across the...


Barack Obama comments on Minneapolis death in police custody

Former President Barack Obama issued a statement regarding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week, but he expanded the message...


Obama commencement speech appeared to be aimed at mobilizing black grads

President Barack Obama delivered a virtual commencement address on Saturday, urging thousands of graduates at historically black colleges and universities (H.B.C.U.) “to seize...


Canadian becomes Princeton’s first black valedictorian

He is Nicholas Johnson, a Montreal student majoring in operations research and financial engineering, has been named valedictorian of Princeton’s Class of 2020,...


Low moments in Presidential history: Stick-gate

When former President Barack Obama was caught fooling around with a selfie stick in the oval office, there was a flurry of concerns...


Video of Obama endorsement of Joe Biden.

Late this morning former President Barack Obama released a video supporting his former running mate Joe Biden . The video can be found...