Monday , 27 March 2023
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Developer says they have already worked to satisfy CN Rail concerns over Jamesville housing project.

The news that CN Rail is appealing the Jamesville housing redevelopment to the Ontario Land Tribunal caught many off guard yesterday. But in...


Worried? Get in the Garden

Kathy Renwald Gardening helps everything. Your physical well-being, mental health, the environment, the list is long. It’s good that the province of Ontario...


Be a Forceful Pruner, Your Garden Will Love It

Kathy Renwald   You’ve seen the crimes against conifers, the deadly sins committed on deciduous trees and shrubs. Forsythias pruned like lollypops, spireas...


No Grub at The Grub Club

Kathy Renwald There’s no grub at The Grub Club, but work continues at Ken Soble Tower.  Those are highlights of a late afternoon...


Finding Fitness in the Garden

Kathy Renwald It’s functional fitness time in the garden. The sun is getting warmer, the air is cool, the combination is perfect for...


Destress in the Garden

Kathy Renwald Gardening is timeless. I hosted and produced gardening shows on HGTV for 13 years and wrote garden columns for newspapers starting...


Rolling Away From Bad News

Kathy Renwald Sad about Sewagegate? Plan a road trip. There’s nothing better than getting out a map and looking at thousands of kilometres...


Jaguar goes electric

Awards keep charging in for the all new, all electric Jaguar I-Pace. Hot off the press- three World Car of the Year Awards. ...