Sunday , 2 April 2023
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Jordan Bitove Assumes Full Ownership of Torstar

Its now official; a final arbitration award makes  Jordan Bitove  the owner of Torstar Corporation. He will also maintain a voting rights interest...


Spectator news boycott may be coming to an end.

14 Hamilton City Councillors, School board trustees and candidates who had declared a boycott of the Hamilton Spectator have issued a statement that...


Visions of Portlandia

An article this week in the Wall Street Journal by former Portland resident Mark Hemingway, suggests that Portland has had terrible municipal leadership...


Metrolinx 2015 report, among other things, actually suggested BRT as an option

In its editorial on Saturday the Hamilton Spectator once again, as it has for the past 12 years, advocated for LRT over BRT,...


Letter to editor

Editor’s note: Vito Sgro submitted this letter to the Hamilton Spectator a week ago in response to an editorial. Re: editorial “On saving...