Friday , 24 March 2023
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Freezing rain and flooding a possibility starting Wednesday

Hamilton area residents should be prepared to batten down for some nasty weather over the next two days. Environment Canada has issued a...


Hamilton Conservation Authority and other CA’s face a new world in 2023

Hamilton Conservation Authority members will get a belated Christmas lump of coal in their agenda package for January 5th. On the agenda are...


More cleanup cash for Hamilton Harbour

Both the Hamilton Conservation Authority and the Halton Conservation Authority will share in $7.5 Million in provincial grants to improve the water quality...


Tiffany Falls and Devil’s Punchbowl reopen July 15

As of July 15, HCA waterfall areas, with the exception of Spencer Gorge, will reopen to the public. The areas reopening on July...


Conservation authority waterfalls are still closed

Hamilton Conservation Authority waterfall and escarpment areas will remain closed until further notice. These areas pose a particular difficulty for physical distancing as...


Wild Waterworks likely to stay closed.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority, who operate the Wild Waterworks on behalf of the city, are recommending that the attraction remain closed this year....