Sunday , 26 March 2023
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New COVID restrictions coming tomorrow?

Based on a number of reporters’ questions at today’s Public Health COVID news conference there are suggestions Premier Ford may have some additional...


Tensions apparent in Ontario-Toronto approaches to COVID

They are trying their best to keep it polite and upbeat, but it is clear there is a growing gulf between the approaches...


Polite language but rift growing between Toronto and Ontario regarding COVID response

Toronto, beset by a huge surge in new COVID cases wants the province to give it the tools it says it needs to...


Ford government sticking to current level of COVID restrictions–for now

Despite the big spike in new COVID cases that saw Ontario hit 700 new cases overnight—the largest number since the pandemic began—Ontario officials...


Cautious optimism about back-to-school:Williams

Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr David Williams says that Ontario is doing a good job of containing the Coronavirus. He noted that...


Spike in COVID outbreak slows momentum of opening up Ontario

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr David Williams told reporters today that he is not happy to see today’s uptick in COVID  cases to...