Wednesday , 22 March 2023
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Province and city split the difference on Chedoke Cleanup deadline

Following a few days of negotiations, the province has agreed to the City’s request to add two months to the deadline for dredging...


Opinion: What else could they do? Province grants Chedoke Creek dredging extension

As the saying goes, “if you’re not going to be part of the solution, at least get out of the way.” That is...


Chedoke Cleanup in limbo

There will be no cleanup of Chedoke Creek this year, and probably no work until next spring, the Public Works Committee learned Thursday....


No lasting environmental effects from sewage spill: staff report

A City staff report says there were no lasting environmental impacts for the four-year sewage discharge into Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise that...

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A Flood of Studies on our Waterways Failed to Detect a Gusher of Sewage

Kathy Renwald Is it time for Hamiltonians to start testing their own waterways for sewage?   Lake Ontario Waterkeeprs are standing by with the...