Friday , 24 March 2023
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Opinion: Cone of silence around Hamilton Waterfront Trust persists, even with new, “transparent” board

The future of the Hamilton Waterfront Trust continued to confound observers after last week’s meeting of its board of directors, which at the...


Jason Farr: Moving on and looking forward to the future

The Bay Observer found former Ward Two Councillor Jason Farr in surprisingly high spirits when we caught up with him last week. 2022...


Analysis: Police Services watchdog may end up being muzzled

It appears if one wishes to fundamentally change the way police services boards operate, the worst vantage point for achieving that is to...


Hamilton Police budget could rise 6.7 percent to $196 Million

Hamilton Police are looking for a budget increase in 2023 of 6.7 percent amounting to $12.3 million, bringing the proposed policer budget to...


Councillors’ proposed staff budget hike cut in half

Barring a change of heart between now and the finalization of the Hamilton Budget in the New year, Hamilton Councillors will get an...


Councillors turn down a move to increase their office budgets by 30 percent

A motion by new councillors Cameron Keoetsch (Ward Two) and Alex Wilson (Dundas Ward 13), that would increase Councillors’ office budgets by 30...


Did Council know?

When Hamilton Council voted to censure the chairman of Hamilton’s LGBTQ committee, they had in front of them an Integrity Commissioner’s report that...


Integrity Commissioner report turning into a fiasco

In the fallout over last week’s vote by Hamilton City Council to censure LGBTQ Advisory Committee Chair Cameron Kroetsch for allegedly releasing information...


Council reprimands LGBTQ Advisory Committee Chair

After a lively, and for this council, reasonably civil  debate, Hamilton City Council voted by a large margin to issue a formal reprimand...