Sunday , 28 May 2023
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Bleak outlook on affordable housing in Hamilton

A sobering report to Hamilton Council on affordable housing warns that the city could be on the hook for tens of millions of...


Hamilton Planning staff bracing for the fallout from provincial housing legislation

Hamilton Planners are adding staff to deal with what is expected to be a slew of new development applications that will arise as...


Hamilton Conservation Authority and other CA’s face a new world in 2023

Hamilton Conservation Authority members will get a belated Christmas lump of coal in their agenda package for January 5th. On the agenda are...


Opinion: Ford has gone too far

Even the most devoted Doug Ford fan, in their quiet moments, has to be uncomfortable with some of Bill 23 and his strong...


Doug Ford Slams Mississauga Mayor over Bill 23

At the end of an announcement about provincial and federal  funding to municipal transit systems, Premier Doug Ford took off on a rant...


Ford Government will delay reducing development charges

Housing Minister Steve Clark has announced he will delay the portion of Bill 23 that would have reduced development charges levied by municipalities...


Giving credit where credit’s due

The  cost of the province’s cancellation or freeze on development charges will show up as a separate line item on Burlington tax bills....


Heritage Groups opposed to Bill 23

The latest opponent of the government’s Building Homes Faster legislation is the heritage community. The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario is asking residents to...