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Survey will help in the development of Dementia action plans

The Empowering Dementia-Friendly Communities Project is a new initiative established to promote the awareness and development of dementia-friendly communities in Hamilton and Haldimand. The project is engaging persons living with dementia, care partners and the community to help develop community specific recommendations and action plans. The project is being funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dementia Community Investment Fund.

The project is seeking input from persons living with dementia in Hamilton and Haldimand as well as their care partners to help determine the next steps in creating dementia-friendly communities. Running until November 6, persons living with dementia and care partners are encouraged to participate in the survey by going to

 The Alzheimer Society of Canada indicates that there are more than 500,000 Canadians living with dementia today and this number will almost double by 2031. It has been estimated that 255,000 people are currently living with dementia in Ontario and approximately 12,000 people living with dementia in Hamilton and Haldimand. The impact of dementia also affects families, friends, and whole communities. The survey is aimed to reach out to the 20,000-plus people either living with dementia or their care partners, including family and friends, in Hamilton and Haldimand.

The Empowering Dementia-Friendly Communities project is a collaborative initiative, led by persons living with dementia, care partners, and a multi-agency team of organizations including the Hamilton Council on Aging, the City of Hamilton Seniors Advisory Committee, the Alzheimer Society of Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton, the GERAS Centre for Aging Research, Hamilton Health Sciences, Haldimand Norfolk Community Senior Support Services, Haldimand War Memorial Hospital, McMaster University and the Regional Geriatric Program central.

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