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Leopards don’t change their spots. Or do they? What’s the reality on the street think?  2 leopards, maybe, each with their own spots.

I’ve christened them Doug Ford and Donald Ford. How do we know which leopard is today’s pick? A confusing choice, especially when clarity and transparency is in a fog and used for political purposes. The casualty is voter trust.

One Ford displayed understanding of how Covid is impacting the street. He’s offered solace and strong partnership working with the Feds. He told us he’s lost sleep. He got confused about what constituted a Thanksgiving dinner. So did the street who got raked over the daily Ford coals. And that’s from a man losing sleep.  Reminds me of the story of the aging Pastor’s sermon. “He looks at this congregation sure of this words and whispers.

Checking his notes and realizing his argument has weakened, he raises his voice, pleads for understanding and seeks eye contact. Finally his argument breaks down and the good Pastor strikes his fist on the pulpit and threatens Hell fire and damnation.” Remind of us of anyone?

So what about the other Ford? Meet Donald Ford. Cutting the ranked ballots hidden in urgent legislation. “Ok, it was the first past the post in 1867” and Donald Ford proclaims if it was good

enough for them…it’s good enough for us. What else does this Ford think is good enough for us? The street knows and is quickly learning which is the real Ford. Compare the Tavener screw-up with the slippery payback about Canada Christian College. We’re constantly reminded that there’s plenty of Flu shots, and more than enough Covid testing. The long lines in the street know better. Donald Ford claims he inherited a senior care 30 year old crisis. The street remembers that neither the Liberals or the NDP enjoyed that long a majority. The street recalls that the 30 years saw the Liberals in power for 13 years, the NDP for 5 years and the Conservatives for 12 years. The checklist suggests a shared responsibility. Introducing random senior resident on-site inspections saves dollars but what about saving lives? Who introduced that slippery bit of healthcare for seniors? Think about the mess our education system is in. It’s confusing our teachers as they deal with 25-30 or more students in a class during this second wave of Covid 19, along with media clips of cheery faced kids lining up for their daily confusion. Teacher burn-out after 1 month!

Enough of two Fords. One is more than enough. The street

knows that what we have is Doug Ford on parade and the same Doug Ford in the back rooms. Opaque transparency?

Transparency to be trusted? It’s in these back rooms, that

majority driven, loyalty demanded behaviour tells us who the real Ford is. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

How can we evaluate this transparency?

Doug Ford.

Talks the big talk. Leans in and tells us he feels our pain, be it health or economics. He travels the province forgiving his own while blasting every one else. He selectively listen to this experts.

Doug Ford:

Disposes ranked ballots despite using it himself.

Supports a friend’s dubious attempt to turn Charles McVety’s college into a university. This is another Tavener Round. Payback friends and big ticket backers. Slowing down the crisis need for senior homes and protecting them against lawsuits for quite horrendous crimes again the elderly.

While Doug Ford assures us there is plenty of flu vaccines, he can not sustain Covid tasting and keeps seniors waiting for their full shots by supplying some stores with 40 doses/day and a wait list exceeding 30 days.

News Media make this duo personality clear. So, reach out to the major Media and demand a daily check list. What is fake? What is hiding? Which Ford’s on first? Where’s the other one. Is the transparency trust worthy or opaque? With these facts we have a

better chance at the ballot box, despite it being the first past the post, of getting what we deserve.

Don Graves is a retired Dean of Art at Sheridan College and for the past 17 years has been a professional landscape artist. His website is: Currently Don is on the Board for the Canadian Children’s Opera Company.

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  • It is easy to blame Dougie for all the problems however I see it as problems that successive governments that include both the NDP and liberals, along with conservatives who have ignored so many problems.

    It is greed, the almighty dollar, the root of all evil, that continues to exacerbate the problems. Standing at a podium, expressing the endless amounts of money to be spent that are not really about truly fixing things.

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