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Stoney Creek Battle re-enactment will be back in 2023

Stoney Creek Battle re-enactment will be back in 2023

There was an explosion of outrage from supporters of the annual re-enactment when it appeared that the event was going to be cancelled for 2023. Community activists swung into action and very quickly obtained 600 signatures on a petition calling for the event to be retained. In addition several councillors reported being inundated with emails and phone messages. This year’s event was previously cancelled due to COVID uncertainty; but a memo was released from the city museum department that seemed to imply the event would be significantly scaled back. A widely circulated memo read:  “For 2023, the City has decided to base the commemoration of the Battle of Stoney Creek on a memorial ceremony that highlights to a high degree the commitment and sacrifice of people who lost their lives and loved ones as well as those that were dramatically affected by the trauma inflicted by a battle. While it is desirable to have an encampment as well as military demonstrations by infantry and artillery featuring black powder, there will not be a reenactment with opposing lines of infantry and crews of artillery.”

Hamilton Director of Tourism Carrie-Brooks Joiner told council that there was no intention to cancel the event, that through “some confusion” the word got out that the event was going to be scaled down. She also told council that a first nations staff member will be added to her team to help plan the 2023 event to provide a first nations perspective to the re-enactment.

Councillor Brenda Johnson told council that word of the cancellation not only disaffected local re-enactors but created confusion among American re-enactors who participate as well. A motion by Councillor Russ Powers to bring the 2023 event back, with clear instruction that the traditional reenactment be part of the program. This year there will be a virtual event that includes a video.

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