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South American city investing heavily in E-Buses

Dozens of E Buses charging

Bloomberg has published  a feature story about the roll-out of electric buses in Bogota Columbia. The transit service has deployed 195 electric buses built by the Chinese Company BYD which has received financial backing from Warren Buffett. Called La Rolita, the transit service will operate 11 routes covering 338 kilometers. The buses  are accessible for passengers with disabilities and offer Wi-Fi, USB outlets, screens for public service and route information and security cameras.

Women make up nearly half of the drivers of the new fleet

In another innovation La Rolita is targeting females to be the drivers of the E-buses. La Rolita has paid for its drivers, many of whom are single mothers, to upgrade their driving licenses, and enables employees to access social security, which includes a pension. Drivers make 1.7 million pesos ($376) monthly, compared to the national monthly minimum wage of 1.16 million pesos. While employees can use a public daycare center for local residents, La Rolita hopes to build one on-site.The charging facilities for the fleet are being provided by the Latin American Electrical Utility Enel X which owns 20 percent of La Rolita.

Electric buses are more expensive than internal combustion vehicles, their  electrical system, scant fluids and regenerative braking mean minimal maintenance — cost less to keep running and cause fewer service disruptions,

In addition to the new La Rolita service Bogota operates one of the largest bus rapid transit networks in the world. The city expects to have half of its BRT fleet electrified by 2030 and the entire fleet converted to EC by 2050. Overall, Bogotá ranks first in Latin America for overall number of e-buses circulating today, with 1,485 e-buses. Santiago ranks second with 806 e-buses circulating.

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  • E- Buses should have been Hamiltons choice of transit NOT LRT .Cheaper operating cost,now chargeable on route more route flexibility.LRT is wrong and those that are involved in building it are making a mess in other cities.Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario should not be allowed in the Hamilton project.

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