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Skyscrapers in Waterdown?

A virtual public meeting has been called for September 29th to get public feedback on the idea of constructing several new buildings in west Aldershot that could reach 39 storeys. If formally proposed and finally approved, they would be the tallest buildings in the area.

According to the City of Burlington’s website the ADI Development Group has sent a letter to residents around Waterdown Road and Masonry Court inviting them to meet to discuss “the opportunity to transform 1120 Cooke Boulevard into a transit-oriented community”.

The land in question is bordered by an open drainage area on the north, Masonry Court on the south, Waterdown Road on the west and ADI’s new Stationwest development on the east.

The meeting is considered a ”pre-consultation”- meaning that ADI has not actually applied to the City yet for amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw to permit such a major development.

 ADI said in its letter:

“This proposal consists of two different design options for community feedback. The first of which consists of three towers with heights ranging from 29 to 39 storeys, and the second option consists of four towers with heights ranging from 18 to 39 storeys. Both options yield the same approximate number of units, 1,258”.

Long-time Aldershot resident Tom Muir, who is a frequent critic of intensification, called the news “shocking”.

 “I’m definitely not supportive of that. I think it’s too high. You would see it everywhere”. He pointed out that the City has not even completed it’s planning for the entire area yet. “It’s not really an official mobility hub”.

Another keen observer of development related issues, and Aldershot resident, Jim Young is less concerned. “Close to the GO Station is the right place for that…….I would rather have 39 storeys at the GO Station than 20 storeys on Brant Street”.

Young added that if the development actually happens the increased population in west Aldershot might help attract a grocery store.

Ward One Councillor Kelvin Galbraith said he doesn’t usually comment on development ideas at this early stage but he acknowledged that increased population could support more retail services in west Aldershot. He added:

“This proposal is in an area where intensification is expected in the form of high density residential.  As a city that has run out of greenfield lands to develop, we are looking at our future growth to be around our Major Transit Station Area’s ( Go Stations )”.


Over the past decade, in anticipation of major developments adjacent to the GO Station, the City upgraded Waterdown Road in the area and constructed new east-serving ramps to the 403.

ADI’s nearby Stationwest project is considered a major part of the evolving mobility hub adjacent to the  GO Station. The long-term planning concept is for people to live within walking distance of public transit services. Currently Stationwest is under construction and includes 140 stacked townhomes, 58 back to back townhomes, 35 regular townhomes, 16 rear lane townhomes and two six-storey apartment buildings totaling 172 units.

The virtual public meeting will run on Zoom from 5:30 to 7pm on Tuesday, September 29. Webinar ID 918 7380 9076

By Rick Craven

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