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Sky has fallen on proposed backyard chicken study

Despite an impassioned plea from Ward Three Councillor Nrinder Nann, the city’s planning committee has turned thumbs down on a proposal to study the impact of allowing backyard chickens in the three downtown lower city wards, 1, 2 and 3

The plan called for a limited introduction of backyard hens and would involve only 10 permits in each of the three wards allowing only 4 hens per permit. The proposed evaluation would address previously identified such as health, odour, nuisance, etc.

The motion was supported by one citizen. Mike Bozzo whose submission to council stated:

I would like to offer my expertise and support for this pilot since I grew up having Urban Hens. During those years we were able to correct a couple of important glitches that created a complete noon disturbance for neighbors.

-Hens are very quiet. Unlike roosters.

-Fresh eggs and more nutritional eggs.

-fed with Organic and non GMO food.

– Raised Cruelty-free

– the chicken manure is classified as one of the best natural Fertilizers. Also,excellent to add to your compost.

-Pest control: Chickens will eat any sort of bug. No need for pesticides.

-chickens Help to cut down on food waste. Chickens will . Help the Heavy load of


-Chickens are Therapeutic animals. Proven especially to be helpful for people with dementia and children with autism.

-A form of entertainment / hobby for children other than electronics.

-Provide a taste of country life for city folks.

-Inexpensive to care for.

-there are several professional websites regarding backyard chickens that offer daily

support and consultations.

– local chicken venders that only sell quiet and docile chickens are located on the

outskirts of Hamilton

– only a very small percentage of chickens cluck [app 10 seconds] when they lay

their egg.

-Proper chicken coop is imperative to keep hens quiet;

Containment requirements: chickens are to be confined at all times in a coop or

outdoor run, meaning free-ranging is not allowed.

Regulations related to chicken enclosures: the chicken run must have 2 ½-3 foot

walls/tarp/ bushes to block the view of visiting animals[squirrels ,raccoons, etc] to

prevent scared squawking. The Run should be enclosed with hardware cloth of chain-link fencing.

As Nann told committee members the motion was only to allow staff to study the issue but the proposal still   lost on a 5-3 vote.

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