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SIU clears Halton Police in drunk driving arrest

The Special Investigations Unit has ruled out any police wrongdoing in the apprehension of an individual who was arrested for impaired driving on October 1 last year. It started with a  911 caller who advised the operator that the Complainant, the driver, had turned southbound onto Appleby Line, entered a roundabout, jumped the curb, and almost hit a hydro pole. He was swerving from side to side on the road and had turned into the Trinity Baptist Church parking lot located on the west side of Appleby Line. It appeared to the 911 caller that the Complainant had turned around in the parking lot and then turned west on 2 Side Road, almost hitting another hydro pole.

The drunk driver later complained that they had suffered broken ribs in the arrest. Luckily the cops had turned on the dashcam when they pulled the white van over and the video clearly showed the driver being administered a roadside breathalyzer and then being cuffed without any incident or resistance.

He investigator concluded, “As for the force used to effect the Complainant’s arrest, this was negligible and consisted of WO (witness officer)  #1 and WO #2 taking hold of his arms, handcuffing him, and positioning the Complainant by the side of the hood of WO #1’s cruiser so he could be searched. There is no indication of any real force being brought to bear by the officers who dealt with the Complainant. Any suggestion that the Complainant was pushed against the hood of the cruiser is simply not borne out by the video evidence.

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