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Singh baby stunt gets mixed reviews

Singh baby stunt gets mixed reviews

If social media response is any indicator, Jagmeet Singh’s idea of bringing his baby to parliament to illustrate a political point was maybe not such a great idea. Hundreds of supporters posted “likes” but the stunt also attracted some pithy derision. Social media lit up with re-tweets and comments that were overwhelmingly critical of the NDP leader. Holding the baby in one hand and gesturing with the other Singh said “inflation has hit the highest level since 1983 and what that means is that workers are having a harder and harder time making ends meet. We know that the solution proposed is to increase interest rates, but that’s going to put more pressure on the shoulders of workers. So when will this government understand that workers didn’t cause this inflation, they shouldn’t bear the burden of it and they need help. When will this government send help to families now?”

Some of the printable Twitter responses follow:

  • Your (sic) disgusting, you use a baby as a political prop to shame a government that you prop up and protect from the very citizens you say he’s hurting! We want him gone, you keep him there!
  • Using your daughter as a prop.  Gross.
  • So you used your child as a political prop?  Solid parenting. #cdnpoli
  • Imagine using your child as a political statement. This guy has no shame. You’re enabling the liberals you idiot. @theJagmeetSingh
  • Very on board with dads bringing babies to work. Not on board with using your baby as a prop.
  • So why don’t you stop supporting them if they are so bad?
  • I am assuming that @theJagmeetSingh  doesn’t get irony. The Liberal government that he enables to be corrupt EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. #NDP #cdnpoli
  • This is why I left your NDP. So much style without substance…
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