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Seaway tonnage improving after slow start to shipping season

Seaway tonnage improving after slow start to shipping season

Overall cargo tonnage shipments (from March 22 to July 31) via the St. Lawrence Seaway totaled 15.7 million metric tons, still down 7.65% compared to 2021, but continuing to close the gap in comparison to April and May.

Said Terence Bowles, President and CEO of the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. “Indications are that the Canadian grain crops in both Western Canada and Ontario are very strong, so we’re expecting a big push in grain for the rest of the year. There has also been a good increase in liquid bulk shipments and construction materials remain strong.”

Highlights for Seaway tonnage up to the end of July included a 268% increase in potash shipments from Western Canada; a 50% increase in shipments of refined Canadian petroleum products destined for Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada; and a 11% rise in road salt shipments.

Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA) also revealed further details of its $30 million Port of Oshawa expansion plan, which will receive $14 million from the Federal Government’s National Trade Corridors Fund. HOPA will invest $16-million. The project will extend the marine infrastructure in Oshawa to accommodate two docked vessels, improve loading and un-loading times and expand storage capacity with the addition of a new grain silo, as well as upgrading roads and improving stormwater management.

“At a time when concerns remain over the resilience of the supply chain and the need to quickly, efficiently and safely get goods to market, this is welcome support,” says Ian Hamilton, HOPA President and Chief Executive Officer.

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