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Science table paints a more positive picture

Science table paints a more positive picture

The Ontario Science Table had a much more positive message than has been the case in previous modelling reports. Noting that most communities have seen a decrease in cases in the last week Dr Steini Brown said a number of outdoor activates can be safely pursued. Brown added that school re-opening will create an increase in cases, but this may be manageable. He noted that we are starting to see a good drop in hospitalizations but that the reduction in ICU cases will be much slower because many of those in ICU are on life support m(ventilators) and their recovery will be slow. Still the data forecast fewer than 500 ICU cases by mid June.

Looking ahead the modelling suggests the daily case count could be down to 500 with a June 2 reopening.

Surgeries delayed in Hamilton

The reductions in hospitalizations experienced thus far means non-urgent surgeries are starting to resume. At HHSC, for instance, there were 1,842 non-urgent/non-emergent operating room procedures scheduled between April 12 and 30 . 715 were delayed and 1,127 were performed. 

An HHSC hospital spokesperson said an urgent or emergent surgery is one that is considered life threatening and must be immediately performed, or performed within days. Examples would include, but are not limited to emergency open heart surgeries, trauma, ruptured aneurysms, perforated bowels, bowel obstructions, ectopic pregnancies.

A non-urgent or non-emergent surgery is one that can be deferred. Examples would include, but are not limited to infertility surgeries that are not time sensitive, orthopedic hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgeries (unless they meet criteria of being infected etc.). No urgent cancer surgeries were delayed during the emergency.

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