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Roy Merkley reviews Don’t Look Up

Roy Merkley reviews Don’t Look Up

The recently released Netflix movie titled ‘Don’t Look Up’ has received quite a bit of attention. If you like comedic parody about the present day society in the United States our closest neighbour, you will love it.  If you are sick of watching the churnings of that society and can’t stand to be reminded of their dominance in our lives, you should maybe watch it anyway.

An all-star cast portrays a story of a giant asteroid heading for earth with certainty that it will remove life and humanity from the face of our planet.  It is discovered by a grad student and her professor at the University of Michigan who then try to warn the government and the public of the impending doom.  As you can imagine no credence is given to these two scientists played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jenifer Lawrence. 

The plot takes off with all sorts of political craziness and bizarre approaches to dealing with the disaster, including elite billionaire entrepreneurs with their plans to harvest the rare minerals that the asteroid contains and make the country super rich.  The media have a field day with the right wing to the left-wing gyrations, always trying to put a smiling face on the reporting.  Social media captain, who has to be their version of Mark Zuckerberg, gets into the act and makes a mess of it.  The non-believers and crazy conspiracy theorists run amok as usual, and the tale gets funnier and funnier.  Meryl Streep who plays the president proves that Trump is not the only president who can have character flaws. I love the part when the white house decides to have a rally to bolster the citizens.  They throw in a giant entertainment event with rock stars as if this would help.

At first this comedy seems beyond belief, but it does not take long to realize that the plot is all too familiar.  In recent years we see the similar scenarios playing out in real life as we watch present day disasters like the Covi-19 pandemic being handled as well as possible for the most part, but still being politicized and always fighting the non-believers who trust ‘face book’ over science.  We see real life politicians being just as stupid as portrayed in the movie. Parallels can be found in some of our climate change battles against catastrophic weather and the list goes on and on. 

Although the movie borders on hypothetical silliness, I can’t but feel that if we were faced with a doomsday threat as pictured in the movie, this is exactly how mankind could end its days on earth.

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