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Rogue Burlington Coyote is no more

Rogue Burlington Coyote is no more

The City of Burlington, with the expertise of a Certified Wildlife Control Professional, have found and euthanized the coyote that attacked humans in south central Burlington. Halton Regional Police Services (HRPS) were present to ensure public safety and were ready to assist, if needed.

A third recent unprovoked coyote attack on a human was reported to the City yesterday evening.  Animal Services staff played a key role in tracking the coyote identified as being responsible for all three attacks.

During the evening, an 18-year-old girl was lying in the grass at the municipal lookout at the end of Market Street, south of Lakeshore Road, when she felt a tug on her hair. She turned to see a coyote which then bit and scratched her leg as she stood up. The girl was taken for medical attention and was released.

The two other recent attacks were also unprovoked but during the day. The first  attack involved a woman using the Centennial Multiuse Trail at Seneca Avenue in the morning. The coyote jumped and bit her from behind. The second attack was on a 2 ½ year-old toddler seated on a deck in his fenced backyard less than two kilometres east of the first attack. There was no food, small animals or any other activity to attract the coyote. The toddler was also bitten on the back of the neck. Both victims were treated at Joseph Brant Hospital and released.

The attacks are uncharacteristic of coyotes and are the first reported attacks on humans in Burlington.

On the rare occasion that a coyote attacks a person, the City has a Council approved protocol in place that is currently being followed to prioritize and deal with the one coyote in question.

Anyone who sees a coyote is encouraged to let the City know by submitting an online report or calling 905-335-3030. Reporting coyote sightings, or potential problems related to overgrown building sites, garbage or someone intentionally or accidentally feeding a coyote, helps the City monitor the location

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