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The proposed relocation of the King Paving plant from Howard Road in Aldershot to 291 North Service Road generally received positive feedback at a virtual public meeting on Thursday.

“We are thrilled that you are staying in Aldershot”, commented Business Improvement Area Executive Director Judy Worsley.

“I think it’s great that King is planning to stay basically in the same 403/Waterdown Road area. King supplies us with a lot of material”, said Richard Cupido, owner of Burlington Paving.

King is proposing that the City amend its Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw to permit the move to a location on the North Service Road between the Mercedes dealership and the Ippolito plant. The location is at the closed land fill site on property leased from the Region of Halton.

Aerial view of proposed site. Mercedes dealership lower right, plant site top

The former Hickory Lane road would be reopened to accommodate the plant and a new east-bound left turning lane would be built on the Service Road to facilitate safe turns into the plant.

King and its consultants maintain that the new plant will hardly be seen from the North Service Road because it will be significantly set back from the road, close to the hydro lines.

The view from the other side, however raised questions from neighbour Don Johnson. Mr. Johnson owns a very large stretch of land to the north of the plant. He questioned whether the new facility would intrude on his spectacular views.

“Our property is higher, looking down over this site……The plant will be an obvious industrial factor adjacent to our property line……..That is something that we’re concerned about”.

The relocated plant will look similar to this

King President John Hutter assured Johnson that, when he sees the detailed site plans that will be available soon, he will be comfortable that the plant’s profile will not intrude on his views.

“We have committed not to block the view of the escarpment or the trees. The plant will be almost invisible”.

Most of the other questions raised by half-a-dozen members of the public related to the environment. King’s consultants easily handled the inquiries pointing out that studies and plans have been undertaken to ensure the environment is protected including: no encroachment into nearby wetlands, no impact on the Falcon Creek Valley, maintenance of local woodlands, stormwater management and new tree plantings.

By Rick Craven

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