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Home News Residents must still renew license plates even though it is free

Residents must still renew license plates even though it is free

Even though licence plate renewals are now free, they still must be done. That allows the government to make sure you have auto insurance, haven’t disregarded any 407 tolls and don’t have outstanding parking and highway traffic act tickets. The government is encouraging Ontario residents to register for automatic reminders to renew not only licence plates, but also drivers licences and health cards.

Signing up for reminders via email, text or automated phone calls can be done by visiting It is easy for Ontarians to renew products from home or anywhere, anytime at Those who need to visit a ServiceOntario location in person can book ahead at to make the visit quicker and hassle-free. Eligible Ontarians who may find it difficult to visit a ServiceOntario centre in person can book virtual appointments to have their health cards renewed through live video calls.

For help, call ServiceOntario at 1-800-387-3445 or TTY 1-800-268-7095.

•             A driver’s licence, health card and Ontario Photo Card usually need to be renewed through ServiceOntario every five years.

•             While the licence plate renewal fee and sticker have been eliminated, it is still a legal requirement for vehicle owners to renew their plates every one or two years at no cost to confirm their automobile insurance is valid and pay any outstanding Highway 407 tolls and other municipal fines.

•             Renewal dates of items often are linked to the holder’s birthday.

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