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Red Hill inquiry resumes next week

Red Hill inquiry resumes next week

Its been delayed by the COVID pandemic but the Red Hill Valley Expressway inquiry is back on track. Commissioner Herman Wilton-Siegel has announced he will hold the next public hearing of the Red Hill Valley Parkway Inquiry (RHVPI) on July 7, 2020 at 10 a.m. to receive updates from Commission Counsel and participants on the status of document collection and production.

As a result of restrictions on public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, participants will take part in the hearing virtually with a live-stream made available to the public on the Inquiry’s website, A transcript of the hearing will follow, and will also be posted to the website.

The Inquiry continues to be busy in the document collection and research phase. As part of this, the Commissioner and Commission Counsel have been maintaining regular contact with participants, continuing to seek the production of documents for participants and non-participants, and engaging subject-matter experts to conduct research and analysis.

Restrictions in response to the global public health crisis have understandably resulted in some delay in the ability of participants and non-participants to assist the work of the inquiry. However, the Inquiry cannot proceed to the next stage of its work, interviewing persons of interest, until all documents have been received and reviewed. Once the interviews are completed, the public hearings stage can begin.

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