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Red Hill inquiry proceeding towards a hearing

Red Hill inquiry proceeding towards a hearing

City staff report that four of the six stages involved in the Red Hill friction inquiry are either well along or are completed. Mr. Justice Herman J. Wilton-Siegel was appointed to preside over the inquiry in May 2019. The Commissioner has retained Robert Centa of Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP to act as counsel to the Commission. The City has retained Eli Lederman and Delna Contractor of Lenczner Slaght to act as counsel to the City in the Inquiry. The first, second and third stages (logistics, document collection and interviewing witnesses) are well underway. The fourth stage– determining who will have standing in the process– is completed.  The fifth stage in the process will be the public hearing, and the sixth phase will be Mr. Justice Wilton-Siegel’s report. Costs to date have reached $1.9 Million

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