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Red Hill Inquiry heard from administrative assistant for directors of engineering

Red Hill Inquiry heard from administrative assistant for directors of engineering

The Red Hill Inquiry held a rare Friday session as it attempts to make up lost ground caused when the sessions were shut down for most of August, On the stand was Diana Cameron who was an administrative assistant to both Engineering Director Gary Moore and his successor, Gord McGuire. Commission Council Emily Lawrence’s line of questioning appeared to be trying to nail down the exact sequence of events that led to the discovery of the Tradewind Report into friction issues on the Red Hill Expressway. The report suggested parts of the Red Hill had lost traction, in the six years since it was built; when the engineering assumption was that pavements would tend to gain traction as they got older.

Ms. Cameron told counsel that when Moore was leaving his post to be seconded to the LRT project, he produced a pile of reports that were placed in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet. Later when, Gord McGuire took over as director of Engineering he went through the files and came across what later was determined to be the Tradewind report.

Questioning once again, as it had in the past; tried to elicit some comment from the witness about what has become a frequent theme in the hearings—the Gary Moore management style. Previous witnesses have described Moore as “blunt” and asking hard questions. Cameron admitted that Moore could be “loud”. Ms. Lawrence also wanted to know if Moore attempted to play a role in the operation of the highway after his involvement in overseeing construction of the road had ended and the RHVE had been turned over to traffic operations. Ms. Cameron could not recall. Inquiry documents show emails revealing frustration by the Traffic operations department over Moore resisting their consideration of improving lighting on the highway.

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