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Red Hill hearings will be extended into the fall

Red Hill hearings will be extended into the fall

 The Red Hill Inquiry is expected to resume live hearings Wednesday after the Commissioner, Mr. Justice Herman J. Wilton-Siegel came down with COVID and had to cancel several days of hearings. The inquiry also announced that a hearing to determine the City of Hamilton’s assertions of privilege over certain documents that have been requested but disputed by the city is now scheduled to begin August 9.

That will result in changes to the schedule for public hearings for July and August and now Phase 1 of the public hearings are expected to run into early Fall 2022. Phase 2, which will focus on expert evidence, will be scheduled later.

Approximately 33 more witnesses are expected to be called or re-called. Almost all of them are either current or former city employees or councillors. Gary Moore, the former Hamilton Director of Engineering, who headed the team building the Red Hill and Linc, and whose name has come up with almost every witness so far, will be back for a scheduled four days of testimony staring this Friday. Commission council have spent a lot of time questioning witnesses about their relations with Moore and his management style,

Witnesses have testified that Moore insisted improved lighting on the Red Hill was not possible because of concerns about light pollution that arose during the environmental assessment that was conducted before construction, but that assertion was contradicted in Commission documents obtained from the city.

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