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Re-open schools in September: Sick Kids

Re-open schools in September: Sick Kids

An advisory group at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital is recommending that Ontario schools be reopened this September. Pointing out that that children account for less than 5-10% COVID In Canada, and that evidence is mounting that children may be less susceptible to the virus and also less likely to transmit it, schools should reopen. Even if children acquire the virus, the symptoms are typically mild and have cleared up fairly quickly. The report says that the public health measures we have been undergoing have significant adverse health and welfare consequences for children. Some of these unintended consequences include decreased vaccination coverage, delayed diagnosis and care for non-COVID-19 related medical, conditions, and adverse impact on children’s behavior. In inner city schools children may rely on school nutrition programs for part of their daily food intake and that service has been curtailed with the closure of schools.

The report does not mandate masks, but encourages as much distancing as can be practically achieved and good ventilation if possible, but these recommendations should not proscribe reopening of schools.

The full report is here.

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