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Pubs reopen in Britain…and How…

Pubs reopen in Britain…and How…

Folks in Britain decided to get dressed up and go out on the town after Britain’s pubs reopened for the first time in three months.

A senior police officer has predicted a fresh coronavirus onslaught after confronted with ‘pub fights, drunken violence and drunken, drugged-up fools’ last night. Social distancing was declared to be in tatters today after jubilant drinkers called time on lockdown and descended on the nation’s pubs.

Cities across Britain were heaving last night on a scale not seen since Boris Johnson ordered bars to shutter over a hundred days ago. Drunkenness, brawls and vomiting returned to the country’s nightlife as millions of pints were poured and Super Saturday celebrations became livelier into the evening.

But revellers were today faced with the sobering prospect of a second peak of Covid-19 because of their disregard to behave responsibly.

Police Sergeant Richard Cooke of the West Midlands force tweeted: ‘Just got home after a long shift late shift peppered with pub fights, domestic violence & drunken drugged up fools. If today was anything to go by the second wave won’t be long in the making!’

His account was mirrored by Police Federation Chairman John Apter, who recalled dealing with ‘naked men, happy drunks, angry drunks, fights and more angry drunks’ while on duty in Southampton.

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